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Nissan Ad Van 2006


Nissan Ad Van 2006

Nissan Ad Van 2006

Nissan Ad Van 2006 is the conventional mini wagon kind of car which can accommodate 6-7 persons at a time. It is so spacious that it can compensate a 8-12 seats car. It can be utilized as a carpool for providing services and transferring goods, even a group of friends can enjoy drive using Nissan Ad van or traveling to other cities at longer distances can be comfortable and cozy.

Nissan Ad Van assure comfort zone for users , the interior is as wide as a luggage carrier, and exterior is perfectly designed to bear rough and barren roads, jumps and speed barkers. Nissan Ad Van can be used for driving to forests, desserts, motorways and even in thunderstorms.

Nissan Ad Van 2006 Specification

The car specification are very advanced , it is manufactured considering the user’s comfort zone and feasibility of use. It is a 1500 cc , 5 seats and 4 doors cars. the power windows, power door locks, navigation system, remote key less entry, power mirror, rear window defroster and driver airbag are few of the many highlighted points and benefits the user enjoys after buying Nissan Ad Van 2006.

The Nissan Ad Van 2007 was launched in to the market with slight modifications in specifications and design.  The doors and seating structure remains same, 4 doors and 5 seats, the manufactures ran some quality assurance campaigns and considered the issues that were reported in the past regarding speed boost tolerance  and engine efficiency. The re-launch of Nissan Ad Van 2006 was brought back the  confidence level of dealers and end-users to its previous state and once again the graph  of sales  was growing exponentially bringing Nissan Ad Van to heights.

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