Better to Buy Hyundai Verna

Better to Buy Hyundai Verna

Buy Hyundai Verna New Or Used Car:

Buy Hyundai Verna

A car can be an assets as well as a liability, it can be an asset when you completely own it after paying the price all at once or get rid of the installments, it is a liability until you have to pay the loan and the complete ownership is not transferred to you. In any case the decision to buy Hyundai Verna new or used car is a difficult task. There are pros and cons to both, the point are to identify the percentage of loss or profit that you might bear after investing money.

There are certain factors like financing, depreciation, re-sale value and maintenance cost that one has to consider before buying a new or used Hyundai Verna car. It is just a matter of few clicks to gather this information and make a rational decision about the car purchase.

Consider the Following Factors While You Buy Hyundai Verna:

Maintenance and Repairs:

If you are planning to buy Hyundai Verna ( from SBT used car rather than a new car remember that it might be a risk. It can be a better deal and the car might be slightly and sensibly used by the previous owner but it is also possible that it may require repairs and frequent spending of money on maintenance. As compare to used car when you are spending on new ca the chances of troubles are relatively low for at least 1-2 years.

Financing and Loan Percentage:

The percentage of loan on a used car is lower than the loan percentage on a used car. This is due to the reason that used car is cheaper and less in price as compare to new car therefore the car financing companies and banks whatever option you have chose keeps their profit margin high on used car and the tenure of payment as short as possible since the amount is not that big.

Re-Sale Value and Depreciation:

The re-sale value of a new car is lower than the used car, as soon as a new car leaves the showroom and driven off its value is decreased drastically and it become a pre-owned vehicle. The percentage of depreciation is higher for new cars as compare to used car, since the price of used car is lower therefore the depreciation value is slow. If you decide to re-sale a pre-owned vehicle after a year or so you will get almost the same price in which you bought it.

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