Even if you have the most luxurious vehicle, it will not make any difference if the headlights are out of order. Headlights are very important for safety especially, during the night drives. If your headlights do not work, it is maybe because of the burned-out bulb, or probably the reflector, lens, or the lamp system is not in the working order.

If you experience such a situation, put on your headlight to see how many bulbs are out. If only one of them is out, then the light will most probably illuminate again by simple replacement of the bulb. In case you do not have a spare bulb, pull over and tap the light, often it makes the light work again.

Therefore, to make this process easier for you, we are going to discuss how to change the headlight in the model superfast so that you can avoid unpleasant circumstances on the road.

1. Find the headlight holder

Start off with locating the headlight holder. Through your engine compartment, you can easily spot the headlight bulb. So, open the hood and you will find a headlight by the front part of the vehicle. The headlight will be inside the bulb holder with a power connector by its sides.

2. Take the power wires out

The second step is to remove the power wires. You will find the power wires connected to a plug by the base of the headlight. They are held by screw cap or plastic catch, or metal clip which depends on the type of your vehicle. Disconnect power wires by pushing down the lever and pulling out the plugs. For screw cap, unscrew it by rotating it in a counter-clockwise direction. And, for the metal clip, pull up the lever.

3. Remove the used bulb

Once you disconnect the wires, you can easily remove the headlight holder from the back and take the used bulb out by holding its base. In some vehicles, the bulb has to be rotated to get free of the grip.

4. Install a new bulb

Tip: For this step, either use tissues or wear gloves because you would not like your hands untidy and oily.

Get the new bulb you want to install and clean it properly with the alcohol wipe. When the bulb is all set, attach it on the base of the plug. If you want to be certain about the right installation of the bulb, check the bulb’s rubber gasket, if the no gaskets are showing, you are good to go. After you stick the bulb in, you can place the headlight holder back in its place and plug in the power wires back. You must also test the bulb by turning your headlights on and off.  

If you learn these tips, you will not have to worry about the unexpected burn-outs of your headlights and your replacement process will work smoothly. You must know how to change the headlight in a model superfast so, in case of emergency, you won’t have to drive in the dark or worse, be stranded.

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