Lesotho: The Rise of Textile Industry

Lesotho: The Rise of Textile Industry

Lesotho is a landlocked country being separated from South Africa. It comes in Commonwealth of Nations, although it has a promising future ahead in multiple industries. One of the industries that are expected to get great growth is Textile industry of Lesotho.

The basic path through which the Textile Industry has gone is as follows:


It had the inception when in early 1980s South Africa wanted to avoid sanction imposed on it. The United States and Europe had reservations on the good manufactured by them. This led to open opportunity for Lesotho to come in front for better economic growth. For that Lesotho provided incentives to African Industrialists. Industries from Taiwan also saw the opportunity and invested in the market.


In order to facilitate growth of this industry in Lesotho, trainings with co-financing happened. The import of international standard machinery has aid in production of quality goods. The experts from different markets came to make the local people prepared to work on global standards. This along with a number of other things contributed in building a good will of this market in global front. The good reputation gave break to more foreign investment in the country, boosting economy to a new level.


For maintenance of quality, the labor plays an integral role in the process. As the multinationals were able to produce quality goods in cheap prices, a small amount of money could easily be invested in giving awareness about the healthcare issues. The top of the line health related issues were addressed including HIV and AIDS. Hence it not only provided employment opportunity but also supported the health sector.

The chances are that due to the boom in overall online business, developing countries including Lesotho will get greater opportunity to prove its metal through quality products in low cost.

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