Mazda 2 Review – Price, Specs And MPG

Mazda 2 Review – Price, Specs And MPG

Mazda will renew its smallest model, the Mazda2. The new model, derived from Hazumi Mazda2prototype, unveiled last March at the Geneva Motor Show, reflects all the changes the company has undergone in recent years.

It is longer, wider and more spacious than the current model whose shelf life is coming to an end. There is a new platform developed with SkyActiv technology, unlike the previous shared platform with the Ford Fiesta, though Japanese engineers managed to reduce the overall weight compared to that. Their engines, both petrol and diesel, 1.5 liter, also employ this technology.

The changes between the two generations of the Mazda2 accurately reflect the transformation that has faced the Japanese company since 2002, when it appeared the now ending. So Mazda was controlled by Ford, when the crisis hit, decided to focus on herself and let go of all marks had acquired.

Without the support of the American giant, Mazda had to start from scratch. Fortunately, it was always inclined to technology-developing 90 was criticized for approving spotless projects from a technical standpoint brand, but with low profitability, and were able to develop new building systems very lightweight structures and new families engines, petrol and diesel, high performance and low emissions. This they called SkyActiv technology, which gave priority over others in working its competitors.

From the financial point of view, were also difficult times, but have managed to leave and the company posted losses in the last financial year ended March 31 operating profit of 1,360 million euros. All backed by a dramatic increase in sales according to the range, aged in the transition period until the time gave Ford management, has been renewed.

In the first five months of the year, global brand sales rose 3.6% to 426,635 units. In Europe, figures and closed in the first half of the year, progress is even more spectacular because the growth is 23% to 92,430 units sold. Notably, one of the countries that has supported the rise in sales was Spain, where last year improved 73.6% to 4,421 cars.

So far, there has been renewed CX5 crossover, the Mazda6 in two versions, sedan and familiar, and the medium Mazda3. At the turn of summer present the new MX5 and in the spring of 2015 becoming the Mazda2.

Certainly it will be imported to Europe from Japan, taking advantage of the favorable yen-euro parity. For now, those made in the new factory in Mexico, will be exported to United States.

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