Mongolia: The Internet Age And Information

Mongolia: The Internet Age And Information

Mongolia is a landlocked country, with the geographic standing of being the 19th largest across globe. It has the highest density of population in its capital Ulaanbaatar. The total number of provinces in the country is 21 that make it a country of large scope.
The advent of internet in the country brought in positivity to the maximum with global exposure on a single click. This led to positive flow of information throughout country. It was ages before that this miraculous machine was introduced, but the effect it had, became more powerful with growing years. Mongolia being a country that has a disadvantage in global trade terms because of geography, but now it is able to connect to the information of the market.

Although if following issues are addressed information sharing on internet can be greatly fruitful:

Credibility of Information

The credibility of information related to any topic is controversial. As internet makes publishing of information easy, so it is difficult to fine genuine source as compare to unauthentic one. This is further an issue in Mongolia as 95% of the population speaks Mongol language, hence conversion of information from English (the most used on internet) to local language can cause greater confusion.

Accountability of Information

The information provide by unauthentic source is hard to be analyzed. The cross questioning is only the solution to the issue. But the language barrier comes into play here for global sources, while the Mongolian source cannot be accounted for the information they provide.

Life Span Of Mislead Information

As internet is a source that has information life span till infinite limit. Whatever comes here remains forever, which bring in negative effect as the misled information continue for a number of years. Though to gauge the authenticity user of today confirm from multiple sources, but issue happen when the authentic source has misinterpreted the information.

Hence it is best the Mongolia should have stronger relation with English and should make it proficient enough to basic level.

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