Namibia Unemployment: Past Analysis

Namibia Unemployment: Past Analysis

Namibia celebrated its 24th year of political independence. It is basically a secular country believing in God but not taking religion to a level where differences occur. It is a country based on modern success philosophy but because of being too young to be independent; it has to fight for its development.
The unemployment is one of those issues which have been increasing with advancing years. The trend is astonishingly different from expectation. The present rate of unemployment in primary and secondary passed population is high as compare to past with no formal education at all. It has been identified that the reason behind the least employment in past is as follows:

Economic Activities

The people in the past were involved in activities that generated economic benefit. The research show that people were previously involved agricultural activities like farming. They were able to make their end meet without depending on others. Rather they were involved in contributing to society in general.  Today people study and many of them expect to get employment that has resulted in more people and less vacancies.  The chances are that if people are not encouraged to economic activities, the chances are that in next 50 years things will get worst, as importation of good that are made in country will happen, causing more burden to economy in future years.

On Job Training

Previously there was a greater concept of on job training, as companies expected retention of old employees a must as compare to acquiring new one. It was also because of the fact that there were less qualified people around with job market open.
Today we see people looking for job more often than in previous years, leading to the availability of experienced and in-experienced people in close proportion. This had made the market tough for those fresh out of school. On the other hand those who leave job before finding other one, have difficulty in finding new job. Though such type of people are rare in market, but in order to make ends meet when they come at low salary, the market value of labor diminishes.

Hence strategies need to be made by authorities of Namibia to make situations get in control. But for that the first step is the most complicated one, as making processes Black and White is required. This will expose many politically famous faces that are currently hidden from masses

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