2013 Toyota Camry CE

2013 Toyota Camry CE

The Toyota Camry CE its new model 2013, had a makeover both inside and outside in its design. Inside, are leather garments and also some wood accents that accentuate the car’s adult approach?

At the center of the board is  a touch screen 6.1-inch color display, Bluetooth, USB, Mini Jack port  side, JBL audio system and GPS which displays all the information you  need.

On the screen there is a menu where the main functions are deployed. You can control the Bluetooth paired phone to make calls, read messages, listen to music and even access your email. You also have the option to choose the audio source you want to hear, according to the applications that you synced.

At the helm have controls for the audio core and other Bluetooth devices synchronized. In addition, the Camry has a voice system that can read and post messages, making it more interactive with the user and see safer when driving.


The Toyota Camry has Bluetooth to synchronize any Smartphone and get the necessary functions, has a USB input for connecting memories and an auxiliary input, which can connect any device that has an input of 3.5 mm (equal to the headphones). This version certainly is the most equipped and comes with a set of 10-speaker JBL audio. The disc reader reads any format CD, MP3 and WMA.

Includes also a rear camera and  all the features of a car electronic stabilizers  modern.  This version has a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder and a total of 268hp (horsepower).

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