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Peugeot 207, resisting to Die

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Is the Peugeot 207 finished? Apparently not. Costs a bit to find it in the French pages of Peugeot, but is offered as an anti crisis Peugeot 207, same man oeuvre which was done with the Peugeot 206, only that no cosmetic changes.

It is offered with two engines, a 1.4 petrol (75 HP) and a 1.4 HDi (68 HP), in 3 and 5-door body. The SW and CC continue to sell on their part because they have no substitute in the 208 range. The French offer is from 8.990 Euros, giving in return a car for more than eight years (if not, the 208 is cheaper).

Currently in Spain the 206 still on sale for 11.810 Euros, does not benefit from the Plan PIVE. It is not longer competitive bidding, because 208 equivalents, with all the modernity that implies, would cost 11.050 Euros and yes it can accommodate to Plan PIVE. The 207 (http://www.sbtjapan.com/kp-peugeot-207) has no definite price because only remaining stocks.

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