Save Yourself from Cancer While Driving Toyota Auris Hatchback

Save Yourself from Cancer While Driving Toyota Auris Hatchback

Be Careful When Driving Toyota Auris Hatchback:

Winters will be over within one or two months and then there will be summers, a long season to bear sunlight and increasing temperature. Everyone will be moving towards beaches for relieve, AC’s will be on once again after extreme cold and car windows will be scrolled down covering them with shades.

For those who drive frequently with Toyota Auris Hatchback Car kind of four door sedan and have to drive for long hours and longer distances there are several risk factors. It is revealed in a recent research prepared by the University of Washington that those who drive frequently are at risk of developing skin cancer. There are a number of reasons for this, the scholars and researchers says that summer is the time when people scroll down the car windows and place their elbows outward, the part of the body is exposed to sunlight. The Ultra violet rays (UV) are contagious and dangerous for skin, if somebody driving continuously in summer for long hours is exposed to sunlight it is expected that he might have some melanomas and merkel cell carcinomas.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight in Toyota Auris Hatchback:

There can be many ways to avoid exposure of skin from sunlight,  it is recommended while driving Toyota Auris Hatchback, keep the windows up and cover them with shades , a bit burden on pocket is better by turning on AC, rather than paying hospital bills to cure cancer.  The advanced techniques of tinting glass can also block ultra violet rays to come inside the car and they will turn back striking on the window.

Those who have to drive trucks, vans or Used Toyota Hatchback ( etc and earn their living by driving all day long should wear full sleeves, apply sun blocks on skin before leaving home and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. A bit precaution and prevention is thousand times better than cure.

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