Why New and Used Toyota Camry are best Selling Car in US?

Why New and Used Toyota Camry are best Selling Car in US?

New and Used Toyota Camry

When in the year 2007, Toyota Camry traces its roots in the American used cars market; the used Toyota Camry model 1983 was the first Japanese car that was designed specifically for US cars market. The front-wheel-drive used Toyota Camry to be the best replacement for the rear-wheel-drive Toyota Corona. Toyota Camry didn’t take too much time to become second best seller in America.

The Market Share for Used Toyota Camry is the Lion Share for Toyota

In the year 1987, Toyota Camry became the company’s top-seller. A couple of year later, it replaced the Honda Accords and Ford Taurus as America’s popular line of passenger vehicles. Even at the present, in the face of broader-than-ever line of Toyota products and high demand of sport utility vehicles (SUVs) the Toyota Camry used to draw some 450,000 sales every year. In United States about 45 percent of total sales of Toyota used cars are the share of Camry.

What’s behind the success of new as well as used Toyota Camry

Not the sex appeal, not even fun to drive the reason behind the success story of used Toyota Camry Price is something different. Despite the fact that the few models of used Toyota Camry do tilt towards the sportiness, still the Camry has never tend to be anything more than a sophisticated mainstream family car as its all time key traits are solid engineering, high-quality workmanship, and last but not the least strong value for money. This is the strong combination that no such rival can match. Another great reason for Camry to be the most successful car is the reliability and strong resale value of its parent brand Toyota. New as well as used Toyota Camry Sale has the strong demand all over the world.

For Toyota Motors, Camry used to symbolize the great-publicized rise to brand itself. The popularity of Camry is one of the reasons why Toyota has reached to the 3rd position in American vehicle sales. Many used car dealers, experts and analysts of automobile industry has done the prediction that Toyota will soon overhaul second perennial i.e. Ford Motor Co., and then pass the General Motors and eventually become the largest Vehicle maker in the world.

Toyota Camry used to be stronger model now, has grown larger, more powerful and luxurious over the passage of time. Camry is also proven an ideal basis for the Lexus ES, which is the best-selling model from upscale product line of Toyota Motors. No doubt Camry has not been without its critics, and is by no means a perfect car when reviewed mechanically. But by almost all measure, Camry (http://www.sbtjapan.com/kp-toyota-camry) is a remarkable achievement in Automobile industry.

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