Advantages of IoT in the Car- In Future

Advantages of IoT in the Car- In Future

Those how are always into car technologies, this article is for you all. It covers the advantages IoT will have for cars in the future. IoT or the internet of things has made the automobile industry connected in a way that was not comprehensive in the past. It has changed the way things have been working in this monopoly-of-few industry. 

The computer chips and sensors in the car, which makes IoT work, have connected different cars and gadgets. The industry has transformed from being mechanical to be technological. The cloud-connected cars transmit data for better functionality.

Traditionally the way to update your car is visiting a dealer and leaving the car there for some time, but with IoT, many software-related components can be updated on your own (Built-In- IoT


The car radio of the past has been replaced by GPS navigation assistance that is compatible with a video screen. This has evolved into connectivity for different devices; so many voice-enabled apps can perform. The devices include, Apple and Android Car Play. It has come to a level where an app like Telenav can work with a heating system to add comfort to the infotainment-enabling feature. Entertainment should be comfortable, so the new auto-world will have these two interconnected with each other.

Fleet Management

With electronic logging device option, every car is the part of a larger Eco-system.The track motion and temperature aids in minimizing power consumption. The fuel efficiency from the past is now the responsibility of IoT fleet management. As these cars run on power instead of fuel so having this is a two-way success. 

Parking with IoT

Among the other advantages of IoT in the car, parking might lead. It depends on your experience with parking that might determine the weight of this. Through the IoT mobile app, you can easily identify parking space at any place. The car communicates with space too, so now you do not need to keep the doors open or leave out keys. In-home parking ease will come as the car communicates with the garage open space. This will make garage keys obsolete as space will open automatically once the car is in a certain radius. 

Technology for Predictive Maintenance

Gone are the days when you had to keep a check on which part needs maintenance based on noise and performance issues. With the constellation of computer chips and sensors, the performance data of each part is collected. When a part needs to be maintained, the smart analysis is automatically activated . The most advanced predictive mode will be incorporated along with AI giving greater forecasting power. Through machine learning, the cost will further reduce. The warranty claims will get less, making the markup on insurance reduce along with overall car maintenance cost.

With IoT in the car, we will have a much safer drive on road with predictive car driving and maintenance. Once you know where to look for it, the parking issue will be resolved. The power consumption will be less and will remain environment-friendly. There is much more to the future that we can only wait to see.

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