Buckle-Up for Car Care in summers

Buckle-Up for Car Care in summers

Car Care in summers is necessary for adding life to your car. As in many parts of the world, it is hot summer, which might go up to 50 Celsius, so it’s a reminder.

The car meets more accidents in summer because of heating up of different parts (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety- IIHS)

With COVID-19 around, your car has already been in the garage for long. Hence your car is surviving on multiple levels. Now is the time to get back to it for summer emergency rides. After all, you might be at home, but you still need your car for groceries and other necessities shopping.

Change Your Tires

If you live in a country with extreme weather condition you might have winter tires and summer tires separately. So take your time to change tires as the weather has taken a turn. As winter tires are made of soft rubber so their flexibility helps them survive. Keeping them in summer can be disastrous as they quickly wear-out. Even if you do not have separate tires and use all-season tires it is a good idea to inspect it for potential issues. Check the tire pressure and manage the air in tubes if needed.

Check Wiper Blades

Inspect your wiper blades as the season changes, because a worn-out blade can damage the windshield. If you are in extreme weather country, having your wiper blades changed to summer ones is necessary.

Test Your AC

Inspect AC to check if it is working fine or not. It is a good idea to service your AC in every season as dust deposits and causes issues in functioning. Do check for unusual sound or warm air than usual coming from the air-conditioning system.

Brake and Coolant Inspection

Brakes get worn-out in heavy traffic as we stop and go multiple times during the day. The brake is not functioning at its usual level at this moment because you both are staying at home. Check for potential issues well in advance to avoid surprises. The coolant level should be checked by the tester that you might buy from an auto parts shop.

Battery Health Check

There is a tool hydrometer that can help you check the current gravity of battery. Less gravity indicates that battery cells are weak and will cause trouble in the long-run. In summers the battery consumes more power so have a frequent inspection and fill water when needed. Do make sure that you do not put water if your car has dry batteries.

Engine Tuning and Oil Check

Frequent checking of engine and oil is necessary for hot weather. Old cars should have high-grade oil in the engine for better performance and oil burn reduction. New cars use the same oil but require a change of oil with changing weather. Do check oil filters too and have proper tuning of the engine.

Wash your car at home to give the final touch to car care in summers. Let’s hope that this pandemic ends soon, so we can have a beach party with friends and their cars.

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