Five Fun And Cheap Cars To Go To The Beach

Five Fun And Cheap Cars To Go To The Beach

Five Fun and cheap to go to the beach cars. ‘s here for the weekend and we will show a selection of vehicles with simple maintenance, which will give you a few headaches and, above all, you will really enjoy your holiday in .

Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Cabrio

The Volkswagen Golf Mk1 Cabrio is a classic in the lists of cars shorebirds. This car was launched in 1980 and is a reliable car that lets even driving some comfort. We show the image of the first version, the most authentic-but the second series, which had integrated plastic bumpers in body-could have air conditioning and power steering.

Fiat Punto Cabrio

The first generation of the  Fiat Punto distanced himself from his competition with cabrio body. A pity that Fiat decided not to repeat his run on the following models because the car has a striking design. The most powerful version was 85 hp did you have a joyful ride. But happier you’ll get when you know you can buy a Fiat Punto Cabrio for about 1,000 euros.

Citroen Mehari

The Citroën Mehari cars are listed and it is difficult to find one for less than $ 3,000. It’s a classic car, full of character and has a more exclusive price. It is based on the world famous Citroën 2CV and uses a body made ​​of ABS plastic. The best thing about this car? It is convertible and, after reaching the beach, you can wash spraying water directly inside the passenger compartment. It has even plugs for easy dispensing.

Suzuki Samurai

The Suzuki Samurai landed in Spain in the eighties under the name of Suzuki SJ410, it manufactured in the factory in Linares and Santana is a small SUV that can have a convertible body and the roof can be canvas or fiber. Of course, both can be removed. Its road performance are discrete but not afraid of the sand thanks to its AWD system and low weight.

Mazda MX-5

The first-generation Mazda MX-5 is one of our favorite beach to go to the car. It’s a nice roadster for two with a funny performance, high reliability and with its 110 hp engine, it is fully usable as a daily use car. In addition, it will gradually take more force in the world of classic cars. 100% recommended.

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