Honda Accord 2003

Honda Accord 2003

Honda Accord Generations:

The Honda Accord is not a new name in market, those who prefer Honda over other models since decades know that Honda Accord never disappointed its buyers since it was introduced in 1978 by the Honda company. The Honda Accord has been through seven generations since its advent and its the eight generation which is launched recently. Honda Accord is termed as a compact car, designed for personal use, the comfortable seating, headlights, security, brakes and economical mileage are perfect fit for end user.

Honda Accord 2003:

The Honda Accord at SBT was drastic change in previous generation models of Honda Accord. Apart from styling and makeover, a 5 -speed auto transmission system was added. The change in design of Honda Accord 2003 was brought after a long period of 24 years, the only feature that matches in Honda Accord 2003 and its previous models is the headlights, the rest of design is completely revolutionize by the company.

Honda Accord Is In-Expensive Car:

Honda accord is well-know in-expensive brand since 70’s,  the used Honda Accord is as popular among buyers as the new car. It is knows as the champ vehicle for those who likes to go for long drives.

From the three door hatchback to the four door compact sedan Honda Accord has gone through  a large number of changes during the eight generations of its re-launches and makeovers. The Honda Accord 2003 ( is apart of seventh generation of Accord family , the target market fort his model were Europe and Japan. In Japan the car was launched with the name of Inspire Accord and  gained  recognition and popularity till 2009.

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