The Honda NSX 2016, Burns During A Test Session

The Honda NSX 2016, Burns During A Test Session

More sorry can not give these images, the only model of the Honda NSX test 2016 is on fire during a test session at the Nurburgring. If just two days ago we were happy to see the first images of a test mule of the 2016 Honda NSX, now sadness is high with this one session.
They were a happy couple of days ago to find the Honda NSX 2016 spinning first German Nürburgring. That joy has turned sadness to learn that today the only mule has left burning practices during a test session at the legendary track.

Fortunately no injury is unfortunate , since the test drivers were able to stop the car and get out of it before it was engulfed in flames. Events have taken place in one part of the circuit called Pflanzgarten. Numerous witnesses say there was a time, during which they were giving lap, the car began to drop flames out the back.

Due to excessive overheating of the unit tests, the pilots had no choice but to stop the car and ask for help from the assistance of the circuit , which not arrive in time to relieve or save the car. We assume that this is the only unit developed by  Honda , so it is expected that its testing phase undergoes a drastic delay, but hopefully that does not happen the same with the launch of the new Honda NSX, scheduled for later this year.

However not all wailing, and thanks to these pictures we could find some details inside , burnt yes, we did not know until now. Although little, we see a steep and large center console that links to the central tunnel. A screen is also observed between the console.

The roof, which like the rest have suffered serious damage, it seems removable , as the  spy photos  show it has been completely removed from the body. A small space is seen behind the central engine, which could accommodate that ceiling should be removed.

It is no coincidence that our fellow TouriClips been recorded at this same test unit giving laps. With this video we have seen has the NSX painting in motion , and of course his roar derivative naturally aspirated V6 engine which apparently is giving so much trouble.
The Honda NSX 2016, 2
Note that the cornering is incredibly fast , secure thanks to the two electric motors that support the gasoline engine. The video was shot two days ago, the same day that we present for the first time the  new Honda NSX , during a session open to the demanding Nürburgring German track.

Hopefully the Japanese manufacturer is restored as soon as possible of this evil drink , and to continue its development, which is taking place at Honda facilities in Ohio, United States. Meanwhile, since long before we see him again, will have to settle for the photos and video to get an idea of the potential offered by the new NSX.

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