Stop Making Your Audi Multitronic

Stop Making Your Audi Multitronic

It seems that Audi are in luck. As you know, the German brand with the four rings is celebrating 25 years of its TDI technology models as special as the RS5 Audi TDI Concept or the new A7 Sportback Competition . Both are very special models that seek maximum efficiency in new technologies in their engines, as will happen with the new Ultra series to launch soon . And today there has been movement in another Audi to improve the efficiency and performance of current and future models. We talked about the change Multitronic will be removed in its current range of models , since Audi is clear that this type of CVT changes, no longer make sense.

A big change for many of the buyers of the Audi models since the Multitronic is included in a wide range of models that have the German mark. A change that was developed under the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) philosophy to get the most energy efficient , leaving one side maximum sportiness or mechanical performance. The changes developed by Audi Multitronic, not to be confused with Toyota or Lexus, because although the philosophy is the same, are mechanically different , although both are developing for maximum energy efficiency.

Detailing the operation developed by Audi Multitronic, I must say that this type of gearbox is much smoother, as it differs from other common exchange boxes since no pinion gear , but having two pulleys of diameters variables connected by a chain so as to create the gear ratio. Thus, the mechanical efficiency is maximized, but it has its problems, as wear on the chain, usually occur in the pulleys or deformation . Thus, Audi wants to leap forward, offering boxes as efficient but capable of developing greater performance. This will give way to new DSG boxes next generation.

One of the Senior Engineers of Audi,  Ralph Riegger , has confirmed that such changes Multitronic detested by some to be the gearbox setting the best gear for maximum efficiency, will have no place in the new Audi models:

There will never be developed. It served the purpose at the time because it was economically efficient , but now we have taken a step forward with the transmission and that will be better.

Audi’s idea is that will replace the Multitronic transmission system, will be the new generation of seven-speed DSG boxes are almost ready to be produced. And has all the earmarks that come first in the new Audi A4.

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