Honda Civic Hybrid Online Buy it Online

Honda Civic Hybrid Online Buy it Online

The Honda Civic Hybrid was manufactured by Honda. Honda Civic hybrid ranks as the second most excellent selling electric hybrid car in the United States. Honda Civic Hybrid is a hybrid power train version. The Honda Civic Hybrid is bestselling car in the market since its launch. The Honda Civic Hybrid’s engine has awarded as “The International Engine of the Year”one should only Honda civic from a reputable used cars selling company online.

First Generation of Honda Civic Hybrid:

The First generation was launched in December 2001.The first generation of Honda civic hybrid Car was the economical, 5 seated gasoline, motorized production vehicle around the globe. It has 5-speed manual CVT transmission. It has the Electric power steering.

Technical Features of Honda Civic Hybrid:

As far as the Technical features are concerned it has Idle stop when the car stopped at traffic light, the engine shuts off automatically and then restart instantly, Twin spark plugs light the slant fuel air mixture sent to the two-valve combustion chambers, Combined output of both engine. Maximum torque is rated 116 ft•lb (157 N•m) at 1,500 rpm for manual transmission models and 105 ft•lb (142 N•m) at 3,000 rpm for CVT models. The electric motor is 93 hp (69 kW) at 5,700 rpm. Low rolling resistance tires.

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