Nissan Skyline GT-R

Nissan Skyline GT-R

This Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R may be familiar to you, because it appeared in “The Fast and The Furious”, the first film in the series. It was subsequently purchased by an individual, Justin Beno .This car, which is a JDM (Japanese, with RHD) is a difficult position in U.S. for release and approval issues. His nickname is Big Bird.

Well, after ensuring Beno-as-you could own this car, he bought a more modern to use it often, because yellow has over 600 HP and mechanical problems, and the new single 500 HP (nicknamedGodZira ). Well, the state of Wisconsin decided to have these two cars was similar to having Anthrax in the garage, and went for it.

In a trial of 2010, it was stated that both cars were illegal (did not have VIN) and gave him two options. Or going to jail for a year, or will the two cars became twisted iron. Chose B), and the cars have been destroyed throughout the week. Rest in peace.

Here are the two, took photos of the owner, the market value of both cars is about $ 100,000, not far from the price of a brand new Nissan Skyline GTR ( now. Justin knows that not everything he has done is legal, and considers that the punishment was disproportionate. The prosecutor thought otherwise, I could not be more right.

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