The Nissan Nismo and Nismo S Landing In Japan

The Nissan Nismo and Nismo S Landing In Japan

While outside Japan offer the Nismo is somewhat reduced in the land of the rising sun is the opposite. There Nissan knows what its customers liked and therefore keeps increasing and increasing deals with that label in its range. The latest model to receive this treatment is the Nissan Note . This utility receives a radical change after passing through the hands of the guys at Nismo. It will be available in two levels: Nissan Nismo and Nismo S Note .
nissan note nismo
The first of these, the Nismo Nissan Note , is characterized by a number of aesthetic changes as mechanical receives no change. We see a new bumper that integrates LED daytime running lights type, finished in black lacquer and red, special alloy wheels, a rear diffuser black, chrome tailpipes and a spoiler mounted on the tailgate are installed.

On the inside, we found seats upholstered in a combination of leather and fabric, aluminum sport pedals, red accents, and a leather wrapped steering wheel. The rear windows are tinted. Under the hood, there is a petrol engine DIG-S with 98 hp associated with a CVT gearbox .

Turning to Nissan Nismo S Note , we received the above but opt for other specific seats, alloy wheels larger a specific setting for suspension, larger brakes and a distinct performance grill. Although no details, Nissan has confirmed that the engine has been modified to perform at higher power. Unfortunately we do not have the performance figures.

Both the new Nismo Nissan Note Nissan Note as the Nismo S will arrive in Japanese showrooms from next autumn. Currently there are no details on pricing.

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