Nissan introduced Sporty GT-R 2014

Nissan introduced Sporty GT-R 2014

Nissan introduced the Hi-Cross concept, the sporty GT-R 2014 and the revolutionary Delta wing Hall of Los Angeles

Nissan introduced a wide array of innovative vehicles in the Convention Center in Los Angeles this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, including the debut of the Nissan Skyline GT-R ( Sport 2014 Nissan Hi-Cross concept. It will also make appearance on Nissan DeltaWing racecar, which has revolutionized the sports car competition with its radical design and technology.

Complement to display the complete line of Nissan vehicles by 2013, led by the newly lanzados Altima and Pathfinder, presented in Colombia last November.

The GTR with 2 turbos and AWD, one of the world super sports2013 Nissan GTR 2“Nissan is leading the world in innovation campaign to everyone, evident in the past Bogota Auto Salon, and in this edition of Los Angeles. Increasingly innovative and revolutionary prototypes which are submitted to global public and high tech vehicles like the new Altima and Pathfinder, which were presented in Colombia.

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