Rohingya And Myanmar- The Issue to Address

Rohingya And Myanmar- The Issue to Address

The Rohingya is the language spoken by people who belong to the ethical group practicing Islam. The people belong to area closely related to Chittagonian, though many believes that ages before the people came to Rakhine in Burma so they are people of Burma. The other believes that as it was during British rule that migration happen, so they are from Bangladesh and should be treated with difference.

The second school of thought led to racial discrimination, and is sadly the mindset of the majority in Myanmar (the old Burma). This had resulted in following issues on grass root level:

Hatred With Economy Devastated

The hatred in masses has made the adverse effect on economy take strong roots. Many believe that if there was less hatred for minorities including the Rohingya people things would have been better. These people live in slums, and as the year 2012 witnessed the catastrophe of muslim killing on mass level. It can be said that it was a mini holocaust for Muslim society there.


It is not the first time racial discrimination has reached to this level, as when people stop appreciating differences; huge societies bear the losses. And remember such type of things are always damaging on both sides. The situation of Myanmar is expected to get more worst in coming years, as internal disharmony with injustice will bring in internal chaos.

Freedom of Speech in Question

The freedom of speech generates better ideas, and when people are suffocated within the limited constraints, things get complicated. The Myanmar has been facing internal conflict that had resulted in bloodshed. Rohingya have become an abuse for many with latest news of census further adding fire. The freedom of expression through religion is in question at the moment.

It is high time that Myanmar should work on issues like that of giving Rohingya people the respect and power they deserve. This will give message of peace to the world that is long awaited.

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