Namibia and Gender Discrimination

Namibia and Gender Discrimination

Namibia is a country having tribal system ruling. The basic system is based on old customs of generations. Like any other type of historic customs, there is a fresh air needed in the country as well. The customs that comes from dark age where men were considered superior to women should be changed for the betterment of society.
There are number of problems occurring, including the HIV/AIDS issue in the country because they lack the exposure to basic human rights. The woman of Namibia faces the following issues in tribal area especially:

No Voice

The women of Namibia faces issue in raising voice in multiple areas of the country. No matter what the average woman face at home and in fields, they are told that they are inferior and have no importance in the society. Whether it is domestic violence or nurturing of relation outside the ethical zone, they have been used as an object by the men in society. This has lead to moral depreciation that the world is shocked to see.

Over-Shadowed Men

The men are considered superior in most of the roles, as a brother, father and husband. The custom like offering a wife to a guest for nurturing of brother-hood and friendship are a tight slap to humanity. This is the form of rape that the society accepts with happiness. And as the anonymous survey suggest, the people even women are comfortable with the custom, though the moral degradation with health issues are very common in the country.
The law enforcement authorities of Namibia should start playing their role, before it gets too late in this weak society.

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