Lesotho- The Call for Economic Control

Lesotho- The Call for Economic Control

Lesotho is a landlocked country, the reason many believe of the under development. But it is not the case; there are a number of other fundamental issues that could be solved to boost economy.

It is a wake up call, as in global history we see the example of Japan, another landlocked country that has carved niche managing all odd. We realize that addressing the problems one at a time can take us a long way. The question is “where to start?”

The answer will be found by first being vocal about issues.

Food Crisis

Lesotho is a country where 40% of the population is under the poverty line. Hence the food crisis is something that is experienced to a greater level, leading to an economy that is desperately in need to food, the basic commodity for living. There is beautiful landscape around, yet what is missing is the utilization of it to make food for the residents. There basic economy is based on agriculture and livestock aside from mining and manufacturing. But the overall situation of the country is worst, in term of food supply. The dilemma filled situation is that the producers of foods do not have enough of them for their own selves. It is because of many mouths to feed and less supply. The least supply is there, being an agricultural country export is required for growth of economy. While for growth of economy, many part of the region have to face scarcity of food.

Health Issues

The contribution of Lesotho in manufacturing of export quality good is in millions every year, yet the health is a controversial issue. They face the issue of poor hygiene and malnutrition; the worst part is that most of them live in rural areas that are remote and inaccessible. This had caused issues for international organizations to aid them with their health care initiatives. The disease likes Tuberculosis, Pellagra and Famine is high there, telling us best about the cleanliness and food issues.

Though many believe that corruption is one of the reason that; like many other sectors; have contributed loss to health care. The foreign aids go in pocket of those in power, further causing damage.

Gender Discrimination

The rural areas faces the issue of gender discrimination, Women being the integral part of the Lesotho society have their own reservations. They are mostly employed in the apparel sector, and also contribute in agricultural sector of rural population especially.

The close analysis of household tells us that they have harassment on different levels at home and work. And the worst part is that the realization that wrong is happening to them is very low. The education and awareness is the basic tool required to solve this issue, yet the more heads to cater further makes such movement at vein. The rural customs further add fire and make women a commodity instead of a living being. This can best be reflected by the fact that HIV and AIDS rate is high in the country, with child birth approximately increasing by 2.6% every year.

Hence we can say that Lesotho should start with population control, and then slowly move towards making system black and white for corruption free society.

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