Success of the first meeting friends Off-Road

Success of the first meeting friends Off-Road

The appointment took place at the Balneario de Alceda, giving the opportunity to enjoy the relaxation after the activities. 40 Vehicles and fifty participants coming from Madrid, La Rioja, Asturias, Biscay, Castilla and Leon, and Cantabria, both in cars 4 x 4 quads, came to this appointment. Vehicles of all kinds, from strictly series as newly hatched the concessionaire, to vehicles carrying some excellent preparations as the HDJ 80 or a KXR a Cheroke or a Pathfinder. As for the quad, a wide variety of traction 4 x 2 and 4 x 4 ATV.

A DVD with the made trial 4 x 4 Championships, was the preamble to the excursion through the Valley, presenting the entire off road, from firewalls and trial eras, to Brooks, who had the spate of recent days. The progress of the Group was carried out at a pace that is quiet but steadily, enjoying the Prairies and the beautiful panoramic.

After dinner, the proof came surprise, a night test using route meter, which on this occasion moved from mountain range, to not coincide with the routes of excursions. The test established a regularity of 20 miles per hour, but in many cases it was difficult to achieve due to the plots of mud and the crossings along the route. Experts managed to regularity and others gave rein to the enjoyment. So much so, that our friend Rafa with the Pathfinder, with their series wheels, dared to attack long firewall with more than 40%, and being forced to continue climbing remained stuck in the most high. The rest of the Group did a pineapple to be able to descend safely, what finally got enough advanced overnight. Without a doubt, a unique experience. On this occasion the starry night gave extra welcomed, light finishing this test in a lively disco party.

On the last day was done the test orientation and location W.P. Using a photograph is credited to have achieved the goal. Without GPS, the vast majority of the teams achieved a high score while they performed various routes through the area. A tourism modality that each day has more followers in the off-road world.

In short, a weekend enjoying friends and non-competitive activities, suitable for all levels of riding. With the delivery of prizes, special mentions, and souvenirs for the participants, added even a surprise, the draw of free weekends to enjoy a spa with all expenses paid.

Special mention in this first meeting Off-Roding Club tourist routes 4 x 4, which was sponsored by From here, our gratitude and congratulations for the work done.

The finishing touch to an appointment in which everyone agreed ‘ we we’ve had brilliant!’ encourages achieve… at least another 15 years. By the way… already we are preparing the next!!

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