Suitable Car according to Your Personality

Suitable Car according to Your Personality

When we are researching to purchase a car, we always think of comfort, luxury, and performance. We do not realize that this sends signals to others about our personality traits. If you want to find out about a suitable car according to your personality keep reading.

Hatchback Means Environmental Conscious

If you live in an urban area and are conscious of environment small hatchback is for you. It helps you survive heavy traffic and drive through a dense neighborhood with ease. People who focus on practicality and budget-friendliness over being the status symbol anywhere prefer this car body. It is an everyday transportation medium for many people who travel long-distance and want fuel economy.

Mid-size Sedan for Business People

This car fascinates business people and women with relatively high incomes. It brings a businesslike outlook, being in the mid-level of their career. They mostly are in favor of going through a structured way and want things to work in routine. They are not keen on sudden changes and are not into traveling for leisure most often. So if you are that type of person mid-size sedan can be your best partner.

Luxury Car Means Status Conscious

Luxury cars represent owners that want to show they stand out. They show –off their car at every possible opportunity and are prone to long-distance driving. They are high class and well-educated people carrying spotless image. The car represents their desire to be independent, profit-oriented achievers, who want to look their best wherever they go. People who have to move in the upper-class circle mostly own one luxury car or even more.

Mini Vans Are for Warmth Filled People

The car that depicts the warmth in people from distance is mini-van. They are not the loners, as no one buys a 7 seater van to drive alone. These people either have a big family or bigger friend circle, which perform the duty of carpooling. They enjoy long-distance traveling but are not people conscious. Hence, they keep people close to their hearts and enjoy the warmth of people. We can judge them to be middle-age people living in a suburb with a sky-rocking social life.

Sports Car for Energetic People

The adventure-seekers go for a sports car that represents their energy and restless nature. Hence car according to your personality represent youth factor. They mostly have less disposable income and at times depict the stable financial condition of their guardian. They are into the thrill, with the age bracket of the early 20s. There is a chunk of elderly people, who buy a sports car for their family; fulfilling their lifelong wish of owning a sports car. But it never means that you should not buy one considering it shows a non-serious attitude. You can buy this car for leisure trips, but for everyday transportation, it is not practical.

Your car sends a signal to people walking on the road, interacting with you in a parking lot, or those who carpool for business and leisure. Make sure that you make the right choice.

Just like animal look like their owner car also represent the personality of the owner (Cars Sale AU)

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