Tips for Driving a Car On Snowy Terrain

Tips for Driving a Car On Snowy Terrain

If you have a car, then you need to know how to drive it on snowy terrain. We all know that snow makes the surface of roads slippery and dangerous for driving, which is why we need to follow some tips in order to avoid such problems.

Always Drive Slowly

The first tip is to drive slowly. This should be common sense, but many drivers who are not used to driving on snow tend to forget this simple rule. The reason behind this is that you need more time than usual for braking and accelerating. Also, avoid changing gears too often because it can cause stalling of the car which may result in skidding, so only use the gear appropriate for your speed. You will also want to keep a safe distance from other cars, especially trucks since their weight makes them prone to sliding off the road very easily; four seconds should be enough if the other car does 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers). Another important factor is steering; it needs to be done very smoothly and carefully since even the slightest movement can make your car slide. You will want to be aware of the other cars on the road, especially since it is common for other drivers to get a little overconfident when driving on snow and lose control quite easily.

Use Four Wheel Drive

The next tip is to use four-wheel drive if your car has this technology. This type of drivetrain gives you more grip on the surface. It means that you have better chances of avoiding sliding off the road. It also works wonderfully if there’s a lot of snow on the ground. So, all you need to do is press your foot down harder on the accelerator until your wheels start spinning faster. But do not let them spin freely because this may result in getting stuck in the snow. It is also important to remember that there are some types of four-wheel-drive that are useless when driving through deep snow.

Use Winter Tires

The third tip is to use winter tires if you can afford them and your car has this technology available. Winter tires have a lot deeper and more aggressive lugs than normal tires do; this way they can provide you a better grip on the surface and make it easier for you to avoid sliding off the road or into another vehicle in front of you. Also, keep an eye out for any indicator light if your car has a low tire pressure warning; this means that one of your tires got too cold and its air froze making it flat so you need to add air immediately if this is the case.

Keep Your Car Well Heated

The next tip for driving on snowy terrain, especially when it’s extremely cold outside, is to keep your car well heated. If you start your car and let it warm up in front of your house or apartment building, then leave it running for a few minutes before heading out. This will make everything much easier for you. Because all the controls will be responsive, and free from ice which usually forms on them after night falls. However, you need to remember that there are some cars with automatic transmission were stopping at an intersection or red light can cause issues. This is because the car may start idling on its own if you are not careful. So be careful and pay attention to what your car is doing.

Carry Chains or Traction Mats

The next tip for driving on snowy terrain which you should always have available is chains or traction mats. You may need to use them quite often when it’s very slippery outside. Especially during heavy snowfall. So do not forget to have them with you at all times. Before heading out of your house or apartment building, make sure that you check weather conditions through various electronic media so you know how dangerous traveling by car can be today; this way, you can prepare everything ahead of time such as putting on chains or traction mats in your trunk.

Make Sure You Don’t Speed Up

The next tip for driving on snowy terrain is to make sure that you are not speeding. Not only can it be extremely dangerous, especially during heavy snowfall. But it will also be difficult for you to stop when needed. Since the surface you are driving on is slippery. If any of your tires lose grip, then the car will start spinning out of control. Make sure that if this happens, you remember to steer in the direction. It will help prevent sliding off the road. Because if it does happen, then you have a greater chance of ending up in a ditch instead.

Drive With Extra Care

The last tip for driving on snowy terrain is to always drive extra carefully. This means that you should avoid sudden acceleration, sharp turns, and quick braking if possible. Because these can cause your car to start sliding off the road or into another vehicle in front of you. When it’s slippery outside due to snowfall or ice, you have to slow down early enough before a turn. So, that your car can catch some traction, which will allow it to make the turn without any issues. But again, do not let your car slide too much. Because this may end with it getting stuck in the snowdrift.


Well, if you are the one who has the habit of driving during wintertime. Then it is better to follow all these tips. While it may be difficult for some drivers to drive slowly and carefully. But, try your best because your life and others’ life is also important. Remember all of these tips when planning on traveling by car during wintertime; they may not be helpful every single time but they will definitely make a huge difference when it comes to maintaining control over your vehicle.

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