Toyota Highlander Review – Midsize Japanese SUV

Toyota Highlander Review – Midsize Japanese SUV

The Japanese midsize SUV comes in this 2014 with a major upgrade, and that is if it was an option at a very reasonable market, this facelift or midchange as attractive since its external lines that look current and robust, which please both men and women and it is that, compared to the previous generation, we have printed a little more dynamic than we are accustomed to the Toyota brand.

Lighthouses and torn skulls that can be seen from a side view of the truck and a fall from the roof to the trunk is interesting are the questions, out of the cars used in this segment as the LED daytime running lights and some wheels 19 “, highlighted in his well done abroad.

Going into this Toyota Highlander, which tried the version Limited Panoramic Roof is the third in terms of equipment of the four available in our country, we can see, feel and even smell a product with great features throughout the interior; materials are of good quality, as is customary in these Toyota trucks, the disposition of each of the controls are very easy to handle and generally walk and enjoy the amenities that comprise this truck is a delight.

As interior equipment has a very intuitive infotainment system, large screen information can be divided into three parts to show simultaneously, for example, the GPS map, sound commands and commands our cell previously connect via bluetooth, air conditioning exercise individually is able to handle up to three areas: pilot, passenger and rear rows, the latter feature, in this version Limited, with individual seats in the second row and a seat for 3 people (of size girl ) in the third row, if you are depressed, we will provide a very competent cargo space compared to the small that can be with this row of seats placed in its normal position.

The dynamic performance of this SUV have in all versions are available, a 3.5-liter V6 engine that delivers 270 HP and a sequential 6-speed automatic transmission sufficiently to move the truck, but like all engines, if you requires more throttle and abused, fuel consumption will skyrocket.

Overall, the Toyota Highlander ( is an intelligent product, very comfortable to handle and easy to enjoy. Skateboarding city and highway feel comfortable and able to travel up to 7 passengers, with all possible amenities and good both active and passive safety also includes the warning system lane change in his mirrors.

The price of the truck begins on the $ 473.900 $ 619.900 for finishing in the version equipped. Definitely a reasonable option in the segment in which there is tough competition with Nissan Pathfinder, Mazda CX9, Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Traverse, Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango and / or Jeep Grand Cherokee, all with their own arguments that will see the Highlander as one of the leaders in the segment.

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