Which Engine Oil Is better For Your Toyota Probox?

Which Engine Oil Is better For Your Toyota Probox?

New or Used car both needs regular oil change, the overall car maintenance not only includes visits to mechanic, minor repairs and fixes but oil change is also one of the most important part when you are driving a car. The car oil keeps the metal parts of the car friction less and gives a very smooth driving experience to the car owner. It is very important to keep checking the engine, the oil you are using and its impact on the over all car mechanism. The weather, oil quality and driving practice all affects on your car and its performance. Therefore one should have enough knowledge about the car engine oils, its types and what are the affects of using each type of engine oil.

Types of Engine Oil, Check The Best Suited Oil for Your Toyota Probox:

There are three types of engine oil,

1- Synthetic

2- Synthetic Blend

3- Regular engine oil

The Regular Engine Oil:

If you own a Japanese Toyota Probox and you have set up to use regular engine oil, it must not be a burden on your pocket. Since the regular engine oil is not refined and do not under go any refinement process therefore it is cheaper. The driving experience is not awesome; it gives just average driving speed and smoothness. For lower temperature areas the car manufacturers recommend 5W-20, 5W-30 oil and 10W-30 oil types. They are best suited for all light cars on the roads.

Synthetic Oil:

Synthetic oil is refined, it undergoes several processes of refining and it is expensive. It is usually recommended for Mercedes Benz and corvette type of cars, if you are driving Toyota Probox you do not actually require synthetic oil until it is recommended by car manufacturer so it’s better to consider car manual. The synthetic oil gives maximum lubricity in high temperatures and maintains god flow in lower temperature but not necessary every car requires synthetic oil, it is only perfect for such vehicles for which it is instructed to use synthetic oil other small and light weighted cars can be driven easily using regular oil since the conventional motor oil fulfils their requirements.

Synthetic Blend Oil:

Synthetic blend is a mixture of synthetic and organic oil; it is also refined and processed as compare to conventional engine oil. It is suited for SUV and trucks type of vehicles. For Toyota Probox kind of cars conventional oil or full synthetic oil is better, it depends on your car engine and driving habits. Synthetic blend oil evaporates less speedily than the other oils, though it is a bit more expensive than full synthetic oil but in terms of consumption it is economical ad long lasting.

It is therefore recommended to read your car manufacturers manual carefully, even if you are driving a used car look for a car manual online and you will easily get one. No matter you have SUV, Sedan, Truck or any car always choose your car engine oil wisely according to the car mechanic advice or car manual?

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