Don’t Be Scared Of Second Hand Cars Purchase

Don’t Be Scared Of Second Hand Cars Purchase

Save Money- Buy Second Hand Cars:

Car purchase is a challenging task, it involves a big amount of your saving, a lot of effort to search the perfect car and to carefully and closely watch for possible risks. Deciding between new or used car purchases is also difficult, sometimes the difference is of few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars but there are several other things that matters when you are in the market for car purchase.

Some buyers do not think about used cars they believe on the myths that used cars are poorly driven, not maintained and must be troubling that is why the owner put it on sale. The only picture of used cars in their mind is the one which is just a crap for an owner and buying new car can give them worry free driving experience.

The massive supply of Japanese used cars in the market brought revolution and changed the thinking of buyers. The best part about these cars is though they are second hand cars at SBT JAPAN but still they are next to new. This is because they are well-maintained, nicely driven and good grade cars.

What Is the Difference between Second Hand car Imported from Japan and The Rest of the World?

You might be thinking what is the difference between a second hand car imported from Japan and the rest of the world? Well! This is a valid question if you are not very well aware of used cars industry which is growing rapidly and expanding wings by supplying thousands of vehicle every month.

The Japanese are abide by the country rule to renew their driving license every year therefore instead of paying the license renewing fee they add up some money and prefer to buy latest model, therefore they have to sell their current car which is hardly driven for 1-3 years. This is the reason why Japanese second hand cars are of high quality and low cost.

Pros and Cons Of Buying New VS Second Hand Cars:

Buying new and old cars have pros and cons but the point where second hand cars defeat new cars is, the depreciation value of new cars increase faster than the depreciation value of second hand cars. Second hand cars are pre-owned and after a year their depreciation value decreases by 5-7%, but as soon as the new car leaves showroom its value is depreciated by 15-20% and for the first 2-3 years it is rapidly depreciated.

The market value of second hand cars ( are better than new cars due to the fact that new cars are not affordable and the current economic situation is quite disturbed, inflation and recession have made it impossible for the buyer to cope with the sky rocketing prices new cars and the best option is to shop smartly buying second hand Japanese used cars.

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