How to Clean Your Car Windows?

How to Clean Your Car Windows?
How to Clean Your Car Windows is tricky process,you have stubborn stains to wash without damaging the surface. The clear window does not add points to the classy look of your car, but it also enhances visibility while on road. Considering the amount of deposit a car window has, it is recommendable to keep a close watch on dust and deposits. The other mystery to solve is the cleaning of the window without leaving stains and marks. So we have compiled how to clean your car window in a step by step form.

Clean the Window Last

The window can easily have grime while you are cleaning the different parts of your car. So make window cleaning the last thing, so you avoid unnecessary extra work. The exterior side of the window has a different nature of deposits in comparison to the interior. It has UV rays impact, weather effect, and water spots. The interior has an impact from rubber, vinyl, and plastic gasses when faced with the extreme situation of heat, air, or sunlight. Hence every part contributes to deposits on the window.

Always Park in Shade

Always keep your car away from environmental exposure when in a parked state. The car body absorbs the heat fast, so parking in shade not only keeps it cool but increases the life of the car too. The window deposits reduce when the car is in shade. When cleaning, a hot car can cause burns as different parts are too hot to touch, so put a lot of cold water and wait till the car parts cool down or keep your car in shade.

Gather Cleaning Supplies Beforehand

Map out for the things you will need to clean the car. Visit your nearest automotive store or contact them online if you are not sure of the products to use. You can also buy online from your nearest store. Aside from window cleaner, you need a sponge or spray bottle, bucket, clean water, and microfiber cloth.

Clean the Hardest Part First

The front and rear windows are the hardest to clean because of size, angle, and exposure. Mix the cleaner that you have bought with water to dilute it. Spray it or use a sponge to put the cleaner on the window. Use a cloth to wipe the impurities and swipe up and down or left to right for better cleaning.

Focus on Stubborn Stains

There are a few stubborn marks on windows that are hardest to clean. Use baking soda for the purpose or call the local car maintenance workshop for help.

Clean Window Top

The side windows have the dirtiest top, as not many people give importance to cleaning that. As it has contact with rubber, so it gets dirty. Roll down the car window and clean them for a better view that makes car aesthetically pleasing and safe to drive.

Wipe the Wiper Blades

The wiper blades can harm the windshield that can make the front view distorted for life. It can be a loss to pocket if not managed.

Never Have More Children Than You Have Car Windows

(Erma Bombeck)
Your car window is the way to the future, just like your children. So keep it clean for a better view and clear way forward.
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