Assorted Range of Best Car Phone Mount Reviewed

Assorted Range of Best Car Phone Mount Reviewed
Best car phone mount aids in maintaining the right position of your cell phone, so you drive with peace-of-mind. As the phone today is a mini world that acts as a technology facilitator by having satellite navigation and a diverse car app synchronization tool. The car phone mounts help perform these functions aside from hand-free traditional messaging and calling experience. It provides a safe view of screen so the blame of cell phones being a driving distraction is proven wrong. There are two major types of car phone mounts that you can select from. The first one is clip-on-mount that is easily taken off from the dashboard. The second one is with a suction pad which can be stick on the dashboard or windscreen.

Arteck Car Mount

This multi-functional option is compatible with all smart-phones including both Apple and Android. The reason why buyers favor this car phone mount is the adjustability. It can keep even bigger handsets sturdy, something that big-screen phone owners have difficulty in finding. It is adjustable enough to position the phone in any way either horizontal or vertical. But those who are concerned about marks left from suction holders should think twice before buying this. It requires a small amount of water to stick on the windscreen, although small droplets help smooth mounting. For those interested to buy, here is the link from Amazon Shop.

Logitech Zero-Touch

As the name suggests this car phone mount offers 100% hand-free control that works through a voice control app. It has compatibility with Alexa that can help you perform multiple functions with ease. Play music, route GPS, make calls and send a text on the go. As there is no adjustment feature on the mount, so you cannot change position if you do not feel comfortable, so make sure that you have installed it in the right position. The chances of falling phone or angle view change while you drive are out of the question as the air vent clip which is used for mounting remains sturdy throughout. You can buy from Amazon at an unbelievably low price.

Beam Electronics Car Phone Mount

By mounting this gadget on the air vent, you can have a trouble-free drive with communication through mobile flawless. It provides a secure hold to the cell phone and is easy to install. The clear view of the road remains there as the phone mount is on air vent, so there is no obstruction on the windshield. It is easy to take out your phone from the mount as a quick-release button is located at the back for fast release. This mount can survive the toughness of weather, because of the design and material used, acting as cradle for your phone on all type of journeyIt keeps your phone safe from bump and scratches too. Aside from Google Pixel 5, it is compatible with almost all smart-phones, so buy it through Amazon here. It is recommended that when buying a car phone holder focus on quality and value addition instead of price. The cheap car phone mount is not the best one as it might damage your mobile and place where it is put.
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