How to Choose the Right Windshield Wiper Fluid?

How to Choose the Right Windshield Wiper Fluid?
How to choose the right windshield wiper fluid is a question that if not answered well can cause permanent damage to the driver’s front view of the car. Windshield wiper fluid is especially an issue if you live in a country with cold weather. Climate can cause damages that cannot be reversed. Using the right mixture is a lifesaver to the windshield and overall car parts.

Never Use Plain Water

Water is life, but it is not the case for your car tank. Never replace windshield washer fluid with water as it can breed bacteria that can cause Legionnaire’s disease that is a form of pneumonia. When you use water in your fluid reservoir, microbe breeds that enter your lungs as you activate the washer. Hence water might be an instant saver for your washer but has long-term implications. In warm weather water cleans the windshield but once the temperature drops it will freeze inside the tank that causes damage to your washer system blinding you out. Use a fluid mixture that contains a small amount of alcohol that prevents the breeding of microorganisms. This even caters to the freezing water in tank issue as it keeps water from freezing to a much high temperature. It is recommended to have your tank clean if you have put plain water in an emergency.

Know The Best Fit Fluid

According to the climate, you should select windshield wiper fluid; there are safe options available too. By researching properly the first time, any damage is avoided before it happens. The classic blue washer fluid is available at almost all gas stations that can manage multiple issues. It takes time to de-icing your windshield but can get the job done. But the temperature rating on the pack should be checked before pouring it as the wrong one can freeze causing damage. The de-icing washer fluid keeps your windshield frost-free, subject to using the right density one as mentioned on the label. The bug remover is best for summers when the bird dropping, pollens, and similar things dump on your windshield. Swap it out in winter as it can freeze. Then there is an all-season mixture that comes with a temperature rating that is all-in-one.

Concentrated Fluid is The Best

It is best to use concentrated fluid with the right temperature rating as you can dilute it with water and use it without stress. It kills the bacteria while cleaning the windshield. The freezing-up of your washer system is also taken care of, as you have bought the right label fluid. In order to choose the right windshield wiper fluid research well. The winter causes much more damage to the windshield and overall car parts, so a small amount of care can add extra years to your car.

Never throw hot water to melt the ice on your windshield as it might refreeze and cause a crack on the windshield

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