Car Cleaning Tips To Prevent Corona Virus

Car Cleaning Tips To Prevent Corona Virus

As we explore car cleaning tips to prevent Coronavirus we should know this:

The car can become a source to get infected, so we will be discussing car cleaning tips to prevent the coronavirus.

It is expected to stay for long, and we have to live with it by taking precautions in our car too. Although we are asked to stay at home, to get groceries and items of necessity we need to use our car. If care is not taken properly, this encounter can turn deadly, causing a threat to life.

Following are the ways to prevent Corona Virus in your car:

Clean Your Car

There is no use of showering your car with disinfector if it is not clean. Make sure that you dispose-off the trash properly, and scrub for potential stains. Wash your car with warm water and soap before applying disinfector. Clean your car before driving and after you have parked it.

Disinfect the Frequently Touched Areas

Do make sure to use hand sanitizer after you enter the car. Put one in the car, but make sure that it has no heat exposure, as it turns lethal when exposed to hot weather and may blast. The places most touched in cars should be cleaned and if possible wear gloves or touch them through a cloth. But make sure that the hard to avoid places are disinfected. The surfaces include radio knobs, infotainment controllers, door handles, windshield wiper stalks, seat belts, and storage bin.

Know the Surface

Disinfecting your steering wheel over and over again might seem tedious and unnecessary, but it is likely to save lives. (Your Valley)

We have divided surfaces into leather and non-leather to make the job easier. Leather surfaces require thorough cleaning but make sure that you do not scrub it too hard to have scratches and damage to the surface. It includes your interior upholstery. Use a material-specific cleaner and avoid the use of bleach and peroxide-based cleaners. For non-leather surfaces, the job is easy, as once you clean the surface it gets disinfected. The painted part of the car will tolerate bleach but do not overdo it. Solvents that include alcohol and kerosene should be avoided as they not only damage the interior but has not much impact on the virus.

Keep water out from your electronics of car, as they might stop working. Instead, clean them with a wet cloth and disinfect by the swab.

Car Pooling is Deadly

Instead of taking people for grocery shopping, make sure to shop for them and drop it off outside their door. As we might have the spirit to help others that have further fueled in a pandemic but make sure that you do not carpool. If you have a patient in the neighborhood, call an ambulance instead of taking them on your own. It is not only for your safety, but it is for them too, as they have low immunity that might cause greater damage.

Corona is an airborne virus, so stay at home and keep your car there too.

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