Use of Toyota App in This Lock-down

Use of Toyota App in This Lock-down

Toyota has been considerate of the customer needs since the beginning. Its investment in Research and Development is proof of how much it cares for the changing preference and technology aspect. Toyota App was launched a few years before, but this app is more useful during this lockdown.

If you have not used this app here is everything you need to know about it.

The Benefits of Toyota App

Toyota App enables you to have all the information needed available on smartphones. It is your navigation system, owner manual, and warranty claim. The app is easy to use and has details on almost everything. It can help you locate a Toyota Dealer nearby without the need of going out.

The owner manual of the car is the bible of the books, as it has complete details of your specific car. But you do not need to carry it anymore as Toyota App has it saved for you. So opening the below mentioned official website of Toyota is not needed, but in case you want to check about your car before you download the app, do it from below.

Select your vehicle to uncover all you need to know

(Toyota Owner Manual Guide)

The app also guides you on the warranty claim eligibility criteria and your standing.

Process of Registration

The registration process is simple and requires not much information. Download the app through Google Play or App store and enter your credentials to sign-up. Do make sure that you check your phone compatibility and vehicle compatibility with the system too. In the case of a vehicle, you can get data from 1999 onwards vehicle. You can use your existing account with Toyota too. Other options are logging in through social credentials. Verify your account, by entering the code that comes to your email. If you do not get an email in the next 48-hour tap “request new code.” You can enter VIN manually or scan it through your phone by looking for a bar-code near the door or on the windscreen. Give a nickname once you confirm the vehicle and dealership. Then agree to connected service data handling requirement, service connects communication, or auto insurance review. You can tap “No Thanks” but it might disable a few important features and trials. You can add more than one vehicle before the finish setup.

Here is the link to the video for registering through Toyota App.


Toyota app helps you manage connected services, receive health reports, start and stop the engine, lock and unlock doors, locate a parking spot, roadside assistance, monitor guest drivers, and view recent trips. So while you are in this lockdown and even after it, you can minimize physical contact and keep a record on almost everything related to your car. It is a complete analytical tool, on one hand, to manage work and leisure through your car. It helps you in driving with peace-of-mind, and even managing the vehicle efficiently while being at home.

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