Which cars are chosen by students for traveling?

Which cars are chosen by students for traveling?

A student’s choice in car is often not down to design, as they often cannot afford to run a fancy looking car, and they certainly cannot afford a fancy looking or luxury car. They often have their cars bought by their parents, which means that safety is also a big factor when it comes to student car choice. Here are a few of the safest and efficient cars that you will see students driving.

Smart For Two

These are the tiny cars that you see driving around. They are ideal for students and a real winner with parents because they have the best safety record of a small car ever. They have a highly resistant fiberglass shell to the point where they will bounce if they hit a hard object. The company proved that you can hit it with a wrecking ball and the driver inside will walk out unscathed.

They have traction control, abs and air bags. Students like them because you get 36 miles per gallon which is amazingly efficient and economical, which is great when you consider today’s gas prices. It is also very cheap to insure, even for a student. Even a second hand one that is purchased for just a few thousands is going to save the student hundreds of dollars when compared to other cars.

It is also a two-seater car with enough room in the boot to fit a small washing machine. The two seats also mean that the car owner will never be asked to be the designated driver, which is another great benefit of the car. The car is aerodynamic, which means it can pick up speed quickly, but is not going to go so fast that it worries the parents. It is very good at cornering too.

Toyota Yaris

Japanese Used Cars

It is a more expensive car than the smart car, and only gets 32 miles to the gallon compared to the Smart cars 36. But, it is preferred by students who want a bit of a bigger car without having to pay through the nose for gas prices.

Toyota is a respected name in the car manufacturing industry, so parents are never too worried when their child asks for a Toyota. Plus, getting 32 miles to the gallon is very efficient by today’s standards. Cars have become heavier (most of them) which means many cars are less fuel efficient than they were 15 years ago. But, they are a great deal safer than they were 20 and 15 years ago.

So, if you are looking for a good mileage per gallon then the Toyota Yaris is okay. The low maintenance and running costs make it ideal for students, and the design is not offensive to the student mentality.

Kia Rio

Japanese Used Cars

The Kia car is very popular with students at the moment, and even though there are a few types of Kia, the Rio is popular because it gives 31 miles to the gallon. This makes it a bit more affordable than other types of cars. It comes with a ten year warranty, unless the student drives 100,000 miles within the ten year period at which point it expires. It is a popular car that has a bit of fuel efficiency, so it is a nice compromise between style and economy.

It is not as safe as the Smart car or as reliable as a Toyota, but the name and type of car is popular with students. As the student arm wrestles with the parent for a fast and cool car, even though the parents want economy, reliability and safety, the compromise comes out as a Kia.


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