Japan Used Cars Dealers Survey: Honda Jazz Leads all Japanese Used Cars in 2009!

Japan Used Cars Dealers Survey: Honda Jazz Leads all Japanese Used Cars in 2009!
Japan used Cars Dealers
Japan used Cars Dealers

Japan Used Cars Dealers Survey

Parker’s, the leading magazine of United Kingdom conducted a survey for Japanese used cars and claimed that Honda Jazz was the best car for retaining its for year 2009. Among 300 different car models tested in their annual survey, Honda Jazz was selected as a best Japanese used car sold in that year. As mentioned in the Parker’s magazine, The Popular Japanese automaker’s hatchback “Honda Jazz” has been selected as the number on for the resale value. The main reason reported by Japan used cars dealers was that it suffers the least from depreciation.

As per the survey conducted by Used Car Expert magazine, during the first 12 months, Honda Jazz just loses about US$ 2,200 in value with having done minimum 10,000miles. In contrast, the depreciation for other luxury cars like Mayback 62 was observed to be as high as US$ 205,500. These statistics suggests that not all luxury and super cars are perfect from the long-term investment viewpoint. Sometimes small cars have much better resale value.

The Parker conducted this survey on the basis of average values of a year old vehicles done 10,000 miles. Among top 40 positions 35 were the small cars. KIA Picanto and Suzuki Swift were in the top 10 positions. Hyundai’s i10 was on the forth position, Fiat 500 on the third, while SEAT Ibiza was on the second position after the Honda Jazz. The survey also highlighted the point that the depreciation is slower in the first year as compared to the following years. This means that not only the depreciation increases as years go, but the rate of depreciation also increases every year.

In South and North America, Japan and China Honda Jazz is popular as Honda Fit. While in Oceania, Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and India this Japanese used car is known as Honda Jazz.

Interested Buyers and Import Cars from Japan should absolutely consider Honda Jazz as it has low depreciation rate and in reflection to this have a high resale value. This it is considered to be one of the safest options for investment on a Japanese used car, and Honda Jazz had the reputation of being the most among all Japanese used cars.

Prominent Features of Honda Jazz from Japan Used Cars Dealers

There are lots of features that comes with Honda Jazz, such as unbelievable flexibility, better interior space and last but not its low running costs makes it quite preferable to Japan used cars dealers and buyers.

To provide the extreme safety to the passengers, Honda has utilized ACE i.e. Advanced Compatibility Engineering, G-Force Control i.e. G-Con Construction and anti-lock breaking system to build up their cars. Due to this engineering this car possessed high end protection in case of accidental collisions. Powered by 1.2 liter engine, Honda Jazz is also equipped with the pre-tensioner seat belt. Its spacious structure for head and leg room, good looks and easy turning and parking quality the Honda Jazz is the best example for all small, efficient and powerful Japanese used cars at the same time.


Despite of the rough spots in economy and the wicked recession, Honda Jazz has maintained to preserve good depreciation value. Thus Honda Jazz is a perfect car with great looks, quality performance, and comfortable drive. Among all other Japanese used cars (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) Honda Jazz is one of the cars that can fetch good return on your investment. In Japan used cars dealers are thinking ahead to invest more and more over this car and hence the demand for Honda Jazz is increasing day by day.

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