Korean Used Cars and Auto Parts Capture the Global Export

Korean Used Cars and Auto Parts Capture the Global Export
Korean used cars
Korean used cars

Korean Used Cars

Although it is felt odd to hear “Korean auto parts”, but this also very surprising that Hyundai or Daewoo which people use to drive in their countries are also Korean used cars or newer ones.

The Korean automobile industry is booming consistently and it contributes the major part of supplying automobiles and auto parts to most if not all well known countries around the globe. Korea rank on sixth position as automobile producer in the world. Hyundi, Daewoo and Kia have South Korea as their place of origin and are now thriving companies that have resellers, outlets and factories all over the world.


An overview of Korean Vehicle Industry

The Automobile industry in Korea is claimed to have marked its foundation with the invention of a car called “Sibal” in the year 1955. In early 1960s the Korean government declares its support for the promotion of Korean automobile industry and established “Automobile Industry Promotion Policy”. In this policy they proclaimed that foreign companies could operate in Korea only in joint venture or collaboration with Korean automobile companies and/or Korean cars exporters. KIA, Sssang Yong and Saenara were all established in the same way.

The year 1960 also saw the establishment of Asia Motors Company and the Hyundai Motor Company. Although, both these groups were set up, they all worked as assembly plants and most of the auto parts were imported from other countries. However in 1970, Korean automobile industry started developing and manufacturing cars within its borders. Hyundai was the first Korean automobiles company to feat this accomplishment. In 1980 Korean automobile companies initiated venturing into international markets. Although there were some problems in the start, the merchandise soon took off and there has been no turning back for Korean automobile industry since then.

Korean Used Cars Industry

From the time when Korea automobile industry used to start manufacturing its own cars, various new companies have ventured in the business of supplying exclusive auto parts that were to be targeted for the users of Korean used cars all over the world. All those companies have also started emerging in the intercontinental front where Korean cars were used to be plentiful. In USA there are various online stores, personnel and dealers who are backed up by professional Korean Used Cars at SBT JAPAN (http://www.sbtjapan.com/) exporters who also supply automobile parts from Korea. These companies also allow you to purchase online. The company then ships the parts to the location specified by the customer.

Many people prefer buying parts from such online sites as the deals they offer are much better and the process is really very simple. What the customer has to do is to check the availability of auto part for their Korean used cars, purchase that part, wait for the shipment and once that part is received go to best automobile mechanic to change that part.

The industry for Korean automobile is now far better than from the past. Indeed, Korean used car exporters who and auto parts providers have made a threshold of their own in the world of automobiles.

In USA and other well known countries, many Korean used cars exporters and importers are soaring day by day. The trend for buying and importing Korean used cars from auctions and other sources is increasing day by day. Therefore there is a quick demand for auto parts for these used cars. In contrast Korean auto parts can also be used for the vehicles made by other companies like General Motors.

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